Beauty Treatment for the Bride

It is important to have a beauty treatment for the Bride-to-be. In this way, she is going to be relaxed and well prepared before her big day, looking very beautiful. It can be a whole body massage with beauty spa treatment from head to toe.
There are so many beauty salons that offers discounted price for a whole package deal. But if you don't have any budget for such, then you can just do the treatments at home starting from deep hair relaxing, hair coloring or perming. But this depends on your taste, whether you think you can really make a hair treatment for yourself or ask someone who can do it for you without spending too much.

Beauty Spa Treatment for thee Bride-to-Be
beauty treatment

Our hands and feet needs also a good treatment. From manicure to pedicure to foot spa treatment, it can also be possible to do this at home if you have tools or gadgets that you can use without any problem. Good thing that I have a good set of heating cap for a hot oil treatment that I can do for myself, plus the manicure and pedicure set which I have to prepare my hands and feet for a good groom.
There are over the counter facial treatments too like facial mask and deep exfoliating treatments that you can buy at Watsons or any other beauty shops in the market which is not that costly. Being beautiful for your big day can never be a big deal. All it takes is being innovative and experimental when it comes to trying it out for yourself not three days before you get married. Beautifying yourself is good at least set it a date for at least one week before the big day.

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Barong Tagalog Vs. Coat and Tie

Barong Tagalog Vs. Coat and Tie- Most Filipino Groom would like to wear the traditional wedding suit for the groom which is the Barong Tagalog. I don't have any problems with coat and tie as a wedding suit for the groom, but as for me a traditional Barong Tagalog is really something to wear during weddings.

Barong Tagalog

The sample picture of Barong tagalog courtesy of which is a wedding site that aids ideas for bride and groom to be. Even if hubby is a foreigner, I still prefer him to wear this attire because it was truly Philippine made. Barong Tagalog is made in different types of fibers and textiles and the amount varies on the style and the textile of such.

Barong Tagalog in Different Styles

Today, Barong Tagalog has different colors too. I like the two-toned Barong Tagalog and the original off-white color. Their prices ranges from P1,500 to P4,000 pesos depending on the textile, texture,design and your tailor's fee. There are ready made Barongs available in malls but this will always be more expensive rather than having it done to a local tailor shop.

On the other hand, a coat and tie for the groom looks so dashing debonair. The price is really much more expensive because of the design and textile used for this attire.

Handsome Coat & Tie

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Wedding Music

Wedding Music- I don't have anything else in mind at the moment till I played some songs in my computer. Well, we do have our own list of songs to include in our wedding. From the songs to be played during the wedding proper till the reception.


Still Need to add some more but here is my sample list and to where I designate it:

Prelude song: How Beautiful is the body of Christ (Sandy Patti)
Canon in D in Celtic Mix
Bridal Entrance:
Here Comes the Bride (Wagner’s Bridal March)

Marriage Vows/Marriage Rites
Call to Worship:
Scripture Reading
Charge to the Couple:

Signing of Contract: I will be Here (Micheal W.Smith), Miracle (Tricia Amper), Awit kay Kleir (Butch Charvet)
Bride and Groom Entrance:
Mendellssohn’s Wedding March

We’ve Only Just Begun (Carpenters)
Something Stupid (Frank & Nancy Sinatra)
Just the Way you are (Billy Joel)
Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)
Everything I own (Bread)

So Happy Together (The Turtles)
Love is All that Matters (Kenny Rankin)
Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch (The Temptations)
Greatest Day (Kitchie Nadal & Barbie Almalbis)

Dinner Time
Forever and Always (Shania Twain)
I Want You (Thalia)
Till I Kissed You (Everly Brothers)
Mambo Italiano (Dean Martin)
Grow Old with You (Adam Sandler)
These Boots are made for walking (Nancy Sinatra)
Love Was Made For Me and You (Nat King Cole)
Count On You (Tommy Shaw)
You Are So Beautiful (Kenny Rogers)
I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)
Till There Was You (Beatles)
If I fell in love with you (The Beatles)
And I love Her (The Beatles)
What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong w/ Kenny G.)

Couple’s First Dance:
Lay Down Beside Me (Don Williams)
You’ll Never Find (Lou Rawls)
Tere Bin (Atif Aslam)

Dance for All ================================
The Caribbean Song (Los Lobos)
Volare (Dean Martin)
You Are Always in My Heart (Nora Aunor & Tirso Cruz III)
All My Life (America)
Maybe It’s You (Stephen Bishop)
You’re My Best Friend (Don Williams)
No Arms Can Ever Hold You (Chris Norman)
You Decorated My Life (Kenny Rogers)
Is It Okay if I Call You Mine(Paul McCrane)
Unforgettable(Nat King Cole)
Love Me Over Again( Don Williams)
Only You (Louie Armstrong)
You (Rosel Nava)
Have I Told You Lately (Rod Stewart)
When You’re Smiling (Louie Armstrong)
From This Moment (Shania Twain)
I Need You (America)

We Should Be Together( Don Williams)

I will just have to re arrange them all again to separate the dance groove songs to mellow medleys and sweet dances. I still have fun on my DIY Wedding.

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Bridal Shoes

Bridal Shoes- Actually I already have my bridal shoes 3 years ago when I once dreamed to have our wedding done. But certain things do happen for a reason, and I did not expect that Civil wedding in India will not allow picture takings so I didn't enjoy it at all and after so many years, I wanted to have a wedding done, be it simple as long as I can wear my dress and shoes.

It took almost 4 years to wear my bridal shoes again. It was kept safe although not looking as fresh as it can be. I can hardly get the strand of the shoe standing straight so I needed a cardboard to pin it. Anyway, a bride has to decide well what to wear on her grand day. Whatever the bridal shoes may be, as long as she is comfortable wearing it, well without a doubt, you can last the whole wedding day and reception still standing tall and with a smile.

My Bridal Shoes 3 years ago

What I just added here was the lettering "I DO" at the back of my shoes. Well it is a strappy sandal which is silver in color and has gems in it. I was comfortable wearing it before. It wasn't that high in heels, probably about 1.5-2 inches high only. My wedding dress has a long trail, but I just hope that I may not be able to step on it since I am more comfortable and have control when I wear strappy sandals.

Remember the day you say "I DO?"

I prefer to let my toes to breathe so I don't want to have a closed shoe type. I am not that tall also to consider wearing flat shoes which will not be appropriate for my dress. Indeed there are a lot of shoe types available for every bride. Here is what you can try to look at before you decide to buy your bridal shoe.

Circle of Shoes For You

As you can see on the sample picture on top courtesy of, whether you like round toe, metallic, wedge, non-traditional, flats, stilletos and strappy sandals, it will always be the bride to decide which shoe is comfortable to wear.
I forgot to mention the color of the shoes. Obviously it's not only white or silver that a bride can select. Some of the brides choose the color of their shoes based on their color motif and some based it to other reasons like something old,new,blue or borrowed.
A bridal shoe can be simple and elegant and it can also be extravagant to some.

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Floral Bracelets and Boutonniere

Floral Bracelets and Boutonniere need not to be expensive since you can have this DIY. All you just need is to have a flower of your choice, some fillers, some decors that you can add on your wrist corsage or floral bracelets that you can buy in a craft store.

Beads, some leaves and ribbons are also important to include when you wanted to create your own floral bracelets. You can be as artistic as you can as long as the color motif does match the selection of flowers and accessories that you are going to use for your own floral bracelets.

Floral Bracelets Are Simple But Elegant To Look At
flower bracelet2

If you can see the picture on top, the flowers arranged are mostly in odd numbers. This balances the image of your floral bracelet and at the same time, you can include any contrasting flower to make it more appealing.

Leaves can add more volume to your Floral Bracelet
flower bracelet3

You can buy fillers in your favorite flower shop and that can accentuate your floral arrangement. If you going to make a Boutonniere, see to it that you only include one to three flowers and then jazzed it up with fillers, ribbons and accessories such as beads or sequence or even feathers.

Beautiful Boutonniere

Remember to cut or trim the stem and just wrap it up with ribbons and you can close the tie by using a bendable wire which is thin or you can use any safety pin if you can hide it in between the stem. But it is much better if you use a special pin for this one.

Floral Bracelets Should Match Your Color Motif
flower bracelet1

Try to mix and match ribbon colors and the choice of flowers that you wanted to get for your Secondary Sponsors. Remember that you don't need to budget a lot on Flowers alone as long as you are artistic, willing to experiment on floral arrangements and knows what to do about designs. The simplest thing you can do is just watch a sample video online on how to make your own Boutonniere and Floral Bracelets. Now I am so excited to do the floral bracelets of my Secondary Sponsors and boutonniere or corsage of my Principal Sponsors.

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Wedding Gowns For the Bride

Wedding Dress or Wedding Gowns for the Brides-to-be is one of the most important thing to budget when getting married. This is considered the most expensive of all the dresses and to be wear only once.

Every female dreams to have a fantasy and grandeur wedding dress. This makes the bride outstanding on her wedding day and this is one dress that has a lot of superstitious beliefs from our old folks. They say that a bride-to-be should never try out her wedding gown before the wedding or else the wedding will never happen or something bad will happen to the relationship or to the couples. But in this generation where every bride goes to their tailor and get the correct measurement, they seem to wear and try their wedding gowns for fitting before the big day comes. I don't know about others but as for me, even if I don't believe in such superstitions, I still reserve the day to fit my dress. I am just content if my tailor measures my size correctly, I would not dare to fit my own gown before my wedding, just my preference.

A Beautiful Wedding Gown
wedding dress3

Once in my life I will wear this gown only once, even if I get an extra pound or size before the wedding, I don't mind at all as long as I won't compromise to fit my gown. I was married in a civil wedding 3 years ago and I was not given a chance to wear the wedding dress I bought back home. In the country to where I am now, their local municipal does not even allow picture takings so I was really freaked out to know that we don't even have any souvenir aside from the fact that I wasn't able to wear my dress. Now that I have waited enough, we will have our own pavilion wedding and I will be able to wear my simple yet affordable dress.

I was dreaming to wear this Bridal Gown
wedding dress1

Just like that picture of a bridal gown, I also dream to have such but since I am not already that excited, I am settled for what is simple. But if you are still a young lady who has savings, then go for it no matter how much is the cost.

Elegant, Beautiful, Modest and Perfect
wedding dress2

I like this design of a gown courtesy of This type of gown is really elegant, modest and beautiful which is for me is perfect. I haven't seen most of this design to where I bought my wedding dress. Most of the gowns these days are spaghetti straps or tube-type designs. But this one is with sleeves and I really like the lace design of it plus the trail is really gorgeous. Wish I just have the money, sigh.. Just keep on dreaming, at least it is free.

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Wedding Rings For You

Wedding Rings are one of the most expensive to consider in your wedding budget and you need to have a good supplier for this. But this depends on the taste of the couple on what type of rings they prefer. From diamond rings of different carats to gold rings, silver or chromium type of rings and the two-toned rings.
Prices depends on what the ring is made of. From precious stones, to carats of gold and its purity. The design will vary also if you wanted more definition to your ring aside from the printing of names in the ring.

This looks a lot like our wedding ring
wedding ring1

Our wedding ring is very simple. It was Chinese gold and has our names printed inside it. Rings are considered the symbol of love but this does not mean that it will play as important once your married because the couple is still the one who would live their lives together. Even if the ring is cheap or expensive, what matters most is that the relationship will last for eternity and will not end up for divorce or separation.

Looks like the ring of Eva Longoria and his hubby Tony Parker who got Divorce recently

A wedding Ring symbolizes your status but is just a material to wear. It will not even guarantee that the smooth sailing of the relationship is always present since couples need to adjust to each other on the very first part of being together.

In a wedding, the exchange of rings are very much awaited second to kissing of the bride. But for me, a person should not tie his/her emotions to any material things and that includes the wedding ring. I said to myself that if my husband loses his ring for being so clumsy, I will really need to teach him a lesson or else buy us a new ring. I sometimes criticize my husband for not wearing his ring at times when it seems too loose for his finger. He taught me that with a ring or not, it will not make any difference to him because he shows his love and loyalty to me.

Sounds cheesy at times, but since I know him very well, it was not an alibi to hide his status to others since they know him already married and has been a good husband to me. If there is anyone who would be so nosy to report him to me, that will be his friends and colleagues. But I am thankful to God as we do keep our vows in the sanctity of marriage.

Symbol of Love But definitely will not make any relationship smooth sailing

Wedding Rings are not lucky amulets to keep the couples away from fights and disagreements. But it is a vow that reminds you to keep and tied you to make your relationship work in sickness and in health, in riches or poor, through thick and thin. The ring just like the couple should bond together. As long as the husband and wife honors their vow to God and obey His Words, our relationship will be patterned according to God's will.

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Wedding Guest Book for your Wedding

Wedding Guest Book for your wedding can be so great and beautiful to create. But if you have your own supplier who has a complete package to include your guest book, then by all means grab the opportunity.

Getting it separately is your decision if you consider making it a DIY. I have it on my mind to make one for my wedding since I do have a lot of handmade notebooks here which are really hard bound covers and all I needed to include was a cute color motif ribbon or lace or a picture or our own monogram to match the covering design.

I have browsed some wonderful guests book online and these pictures are just for representation only as I have mentioned it courtesy of the site where I got the pictures. I do like the designs that was really included on all these wedding guest book, simple but elegant.

Simple Designs
wedding guest book2

I like the matching design of this one
wedding guest book3

Crafted but it is really beautiful and long lasting. I just wish that I can do the same thing on my wedding guest book. I have tons of ideas but only the money is what I needed to make it more stylish and yet not so much for my budget.

White and Elegant
wedding guest book1

By the way, these types of traditional guest books are still okay to consider although there are more than that to decide like a signature frame for your guests and a signature plate for your friends and relatives remarks on your wedding day. I might skip on glasses and breakable stuffs and I would still prefer the traditional way on this part. Any other ideas out there which is economical and yet the price is still affordable and right?

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Wedding Table Numbers

Wedding Table Numbers is one of the easiest DIY thing that you can budget for yourself and you don't need to worry about it unless there is a supplier that will cater to do this for you. But certainly I do like to design my own simple things. I can also start within next month itself on my own version of wedding table numbers as long as I get the confirmation of guests coming so that I can really know the number of tables to prepare and arrange them accordingly.

Since a bride-to-be should consider arranging a table or seat for her guests, mine is easy since I only invited closed family relatives and friends which are all first degrees. Even on my own circle of friends, I also invited from level one to two only which are close to me because I do like to keep my wedding simple and very private.

So arranging for the table numbers and designing it on the table will be much more easier and cheaper to consider without worrying who will be my supplier for such stationary stuffs.

Sample Table Number which is so Simple and Easy to do

All you need to consider for making such are:

good paper choice
color motif of your wedding
some wedding accessories
pictures of the couple (depends on your design)
glue gun or any glue drop
gems, paper flowers and more art crafts

A table number which got accentuated with a flower centerpiece

Wedding table numbers can be fun to create as long as you know what you are doing and you really like what you are doing. Preparing such is a one lifetime experience if you still have the time to consider such preparations.

Note: pictures showed are for representation only.
Courtesy of,,

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Pomander Balls For your Wedding

Pomander Balls For your wedding is one of the most effective and "IN" trend of weddings today. The first time I see pomander balls, I was really fascinated because it was so lovely and yet it was just easy to prepare and you don't need to spend too much about it particularly if your creating it using tissue napkin papers that you can easily find on craft stores.

I do like paper pomander balls because they can be so affordable and budget savvy for bride-to- be's who is on a very tight budget. Yet, the quality of it was still there and you can elegantly present this to all your guests as they see it decorated on the aisle of your wedding or being handled by your secondary sponsors.

A sample pomander ball made of white and red roses

You can create your own DIY (Do-it-yourself) pomander balls as long as you have the following materials.

Styrofoam balls (sizes depends on your preference)
ribbons ( colors of your choice) - to hold your pomander ball
glue gun
soft wire to pin your flowers
flowers of your choice (roses, gerbera, daisy,etc.)
some accesories you wanted to put on your pomander ball

How to Make a Pomander Ball - Actually you can do this by watching it on youtube for a sample demonstration. I myself will consider doing the same thing since I will try to hands-on on my own pomander balls which I prefer to use a soaked paper arts made from crafts store. It will be much more cheaper for me if I use the said material in replacement for flowers to my entourage or for my aisle decor.

Green Pomander Ball

I just hope that I can post my DIY pomander balls here. I am not yet starting my project but I do hope soon. I would be using different colors of paper for my rainbow color motif. It was really a challenge but I do hope to get helping hands from friends back home. Remember that pomander balls can be fun by creating it with the colors you assigned for your wedding like the picture below courtesy of weddepot


All pictures showed are for representation only as I have posted their names for courtesy

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Project: Wedding Invitations- The Final Cut

Project: Wedding Invitations

At last, we were able to make it and finished 20 pieces of beautifully hand crafted wedding invitations which is obviously a DIY invitation card. It took us only two straight days to fix it but it took us one week to complete the necessary stuffs we needed to finish the said invitation cards.

Each beautifully hand crafted card designs are created unique in a sense that each of the cards we created were not identical to each other. The color signifies that our motif is focusing on the rainbow colors and thus I still have to print out 6 more cards and will take another month and a half to distribute it to my family, relatives and friends.

A Beautiful Wedding invitation card that hubby and I created

wedding invitation,hand made cards

It is a contemporary approach to the usual or traditional wedding invitations in the market. I said to myself, that my wedding can only happen once in a lifetime even though we were married in civil rights long time ago, getting married in front of your dearly beloved family, relatives and friends is something to cherish and I am really excited to see their faces as I give my invitation cards.

I even have a hard time which card to choose and set aside for myself and for my family

wedding invites,hand-made cards,invitation for wedding

For those brides-to-be who still have time to prepare you own invitation cards, you can surely feel the excitement and the fulfillment of creating your own design of card. But I am just thankful that my hubby helped me in creating this wonderful and colorful wedding invitations. It was a bonding moment after all.

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