What to Expect on Pre Nuptial Photo Shoot

Most brides of today have this in their own wedding although some don’t want to include it because of limited budget. If you consider Photo/Video coverage just make sure they offer a package for a pre-nuptial wedding photo shoot.
What do you expect about a pre-nuptial wedding photo shoot? Well this depends on the couple, what will be your motif; your theme wedding and the place that you wanted to take your photo. Most couples like to take their photo shoot on a beach, a park or garden, some on the busy street, malls, churches or any scenic spot that personally matches the couples taste. Choices of places depends on your own definition of a pre-nuptial or your photographer would also suggest you a place and you will need to decide where to.
A Pre-Nuptial photo shoot should be well prepared, with three or four dresses for you to change (this depends on your photographers offer), types of shots, and the places of where you will held the shooting and the way how they will define the couple before their big day.
I suggest that a bride-to-be should take care of their skin so that on their own shooting day, they will look even better on the cam. If you are conscious on your weight, then I suggest a good veggie and fresh green salad should be included in your diet so that you will also look great on your pre-nuptial shot. No one likes bulky or saggy arms so you can decide what to wear that will cover those extra bulges or a good makeup to make your face look nicer.
It’s still best having it on a bright sunny day rather than night time or rainy day. But if the couple wants to have such a rainy weather background, it can be nostalgic but not that good for me. Scheduling the place for your photo shoot will need the cooperation of your photographers and you. Usually the photo shoot would last for three to four hours which also depends if the place still needs to be prepared.
A good prenuptial wedding photo shoot gives an advantage. For those couple who wants to show it in the reception and share it with their guests, this can lighten up the occasion. It can also be one of the best moments on your wedding album and you can use it as a banner or print a tarpaulin and display it on the reception or venue.


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Wedsites For You

There are reasons why you should be having your own wed sites. It can be used to showcase your wedding to your family and friends and let them know what you’ve got on your wedding day. I just got mine but not on the sites that I will be stating here since I got a blog site and my purpose for creating a site is to put my ideas and share it to all.
To organize everything and to see what else you needed is to put up a wed-site or wedding site. Here are the wedding sites that I can suggest that you register:

You can also create a blog site with the following:

What to expect on Wedding sites:
Mostly, it will only be the story of you and your beloved. It will be in detail depending on how you set it up on the site. Some of the things included there will be:
• How we Met
• The Proposal
• Engagement
• Announcement
• The Church
• The Reception
• The Entourage
• Photo Albums
• Wedding Pics
• Dream Team ( Your Supplier)
• FAQ ( For your Guests)
• Guestbook
• Wedding Blog

If you make a list of the things you needed before you get wed, then putting up a site will be a good checker, not unless if you have the time to fix it since for me I do have the time to place it online since I do like DIY (Do-it-Yourself) thingy to make my wedding very personal. It makes sense since your building the character and taste of your own wedding. A style that no one has and it is a signature of what you will like to happen on your own wedding.

Just like what others fancy on their wedding, some have a theme and others don’t even know what a theme is. For me, a wedding can be as elegant and simple and can also be beautiful even if it is budgeted as long as one bride is determined and organized. A nice place of location is something you can also look forward with a help of a friend or a family member.
Just what I have said a location can be simple, whether that can be at the back of your home, a garden perhaps, a place where you and your beloved first glanced each other, it all depends on your decision.
A wedsite is a place where one bride-to-be can gather all her aspirations on setting up the dream wedding of her own. It is a blueprint of what is going to happen on the wedding and it can be a place where she can control the upcoming situation, from distribution of invitations to picking up suppliers on her own wedding and a whole lot more.

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What is your Wedding Theme?

A Wedding theme creates and mirrors the character of the couple. It signifies their liking or their common denominator. A Wedding theme is something that can relate to both the couple, it can denote of something they both particularly like for example a hobby, work or job, musings or anything that they can share to their guest which is really precious at heart.
Don’t misunderstand a wedding motif from a wedding theme. A wedding motif can blend perfectly with the wedding theme. Although the difference is that a wedding theme accentuates more of the event and it gives a very special touch to the wedding.
Some of the brides-to-be do not know about what a wedding theme is. I don’t exactly know the origin of when did wedding themes started but at the back of my mind, it has something to do of expressing oneself especially if the bride is bold and daring and does not particularly apply to an old traditional wedding.
Wedding Themes is an open expression, an alternative and it is something this generation has for a taste. Most of the brides I know of think of something which is unique but appealing to them. It is something that will introduce them to their guest and it is an additional accessory to the bride.
What are the examples of a wedding theme? There are lots of examples to give and it depends on your mood and style and artistic touch. It can be found from ground to up if you know what I am saying. I will give such a list with regards to sample wedding themes and you may choose what you like to apply for your wedding.
Sample List of Wedding Themes:
1. Blue Sky and Clouds
2. Crystals and Gems
3. Cowboy Ranch
4. Fantasy Theme
5. Rainbow and Colorful
6. Angelic
7. Flower Princess
8. Magical Moments
9. Prince and Princess
10. Filipiniana Theme
11. Chocolates and Sweets Theme
12. Indian Bollywood Theme
13. Heroic Theme
14. Computers and Geeks
15. Space Adventure
16. Water Adventure
17. Beach Theme
18. Garden Theme
19. Oriental Theme
20. Stars

A Sanrio Theme Wedding
wedding theme

These are just example of the themes that you can add on your wedding day. A wedding Coordinator or a wedding planner would know how to organize them into your wedding which will also be applied for the wedding program in the reception. The games planned should be matching also the theme of your wedding. But make it more flexible, a bride knows what to do with her own wedding, in short, you’re the boss.
Some often make a decision to include a wedding theme which will give them luck into their wedding. It is somewhat astrological for them and to some, experimental. Whatever the purpose of a wedding theme may be, are you ready to implement it on your own wedding? A wedding theme can also be applied on the gifts and favors that you will give to your principal sponsors and guests. Let’s say for example that your wedding theme was about Chocolates and Sweets, most of your decorations at the reception would be about sweets and chocolates. Definitely your give aways or tokens of appreciations would also be about sweets and chocolates. That is one way of how a couple be expressing themselves on what their THEME is all about.

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Why Not A Simple Wedding

Can you think of the simplest wedding idea possible? Yes, for me I can think of one right now and that is what I am going to share with you guys. If you are considering a simple Civil wedding and not too much extravagant on your perspective of a wedding, then this article is for you. Some, due to financial challenges may have to do both ends meet just to stretch the value of their money. Well, you don’t need to stretch it furthermore as long as you change your idea or concept of a wedding.

Simplest Wedding Ideas I can think Of
simple wedding

Weddings may not be all about Glitzes and Glamour, it can be simple and private and that is what most practical brides-to-be have in mind. But if you don’t have any idea on how to transform that idea, here is what I can do to share it with you.
If you’re the person who does not want a lot of guest to crowd your big day and if you’re not the traditional bride that goes to apply traditions to get your wedding done, this may help you. Since most brides of today do have problems on budgeting their source for their wedding day, then why not just consider doing a solemn wedding which is only witnessed by your close friends and family ties? One wedding should be still elegant without spending too much if planned properly. You can go set up your backyard garden or go for a beach and just invite your family there. You can have or you may not have entourage on your simple wedding.
A simple wedding can also mean that you don’t wear that super expensive bridal gown. You can just wear the simplest white dress and sandal and buy a bouquet for yourself and this does not include the bride’s maids or principal sponsors. You can have only one to two pair of Principal sponsors here and you don’t need to worry about the caterers since most simple weddings can be prepare by eating food at a restaurant they reserved which is for a few people to attend.
Hiring or going to a restaurant is much cheaper to consider. As I have said that includes only 50 pax below and nothing more. A simple wedding can still have a wedding cake, but not the type of cake that is with a design or made to order. You can buy it at a famous cake shop that sells cakes at an affordable price. You can still have a wedding toast which only cost $5 or less on a bottle of wine. No more doves to release and no wedding coordinators to hire.
A Simple wedding can still be fun if that is in a beach or if you want to hire a private resort pool which is not that expensive. The least price was in Pansol, Laguna which is only Php 4,000 pesos for 12 hours of rent. You can do whatever you want in that place and cook food and have your simplest wedding possible with your family. But if you still think that weddings can only happen ones in a lifetime, then saving money is all it takes to give a super touch. But if the budget is really not suited, then chances are, Simplest wedding ideas are needed like this one.


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Wedding Plans that Turned Sour

What will you do just in case your wedding plan got spoiled or turned sour? Well I guess there is nothing more painful than that, being left alone or something bad happened along the way that both the couple decided to call it "quits".. I still cannot understand the main reasons why it will just end like that after all the preparations have been done. Some people are not yet sure about themselves tying the knot but what is much more horrific is to waste everything from emotions to money.

Good for these Men, they were still able to wear their Wedding Gowns! Just looking Silly
despirate men

It didn't happened to me, I mean not in the way that I and my beloved has called it quits, but it was my parents who didn't want to continue our wedding plans since their idea of a wedding was grandeur and we can't level ourselves to the same expectations like they do. It was really painful for me to accept that the very people who cared for me didn't support my ideas of a wedding plan. It has been less than 6 months that we planned for it. We finished preparing our wedding invitations as I have showed here. I was talking online with the caterer and asking also to reserve the venue for the reception since for us, it will just be a simple and private wedding, nothing too fussy or extravagant as long as our pocket can afford.
We planned to invite 50 to 60 pax only but my parents don’t want. By the way, I and hubby were already married in Civil rights for almost 4 years so it was just our idea to celebrate our coming wedding anniversary as we take our short vacation in the Philippines. But things as I have planned didn’t go well, my happiness got cut short because my parents would not understand the meaning of a “Simple and Private wedding” without inviting the whole town or neighborhood. They are ashamed of what other people would think, they are afraid of what others may say to us since if one was invited and the other was not particularly their “kumares” and “kumpares”, then they will think negatively on me.
So sad that in the Philippines when you say wedding invitation, even if you reserved them seats, they would tag along someone with them. My hubby does not relate since he is a foreigner so I was the one who was taking this seriously. I already told my folks so many times on why they would bother if people would crowd, I told them that I limit my invites as I set every guest their table numbers and reserved seats for example in the invitation, you would include reserved seat(2)… Anyway, if there is a will there is a way. I believe on that saying but I keep on hearing a lot of things, alibis and such scenarios with my folks so in short, they really don’t want me to pursue my wedding plan.
It was devastating for me, it was first week of January that I talked to them about it but they turned my offer down. Now that I am going back for a short vacation and I hubby still thinks if we can still have it there even just a renewal ceremony, maybe I would be happy, but not too excited since my DREAM of a WEDDING is still a BIG QUESTION MARK.
The problem with Civil Wedding in India is that they don’t allow picture taking so I don’t have any remembrance of our big day. I didn’t feel being married but I have no problem with my relationship as a wife to my husband. I am still on my verge to continue my blog even if I was not granted this year what I am hoping for. To the bride-to-be’s here who have read my post, Well, be strong you can make it! For me, I can still hope for it to happen.

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Advantages of Attending Wedding Expos

Advantages of Attending Wedding Expos

Whenever you read newspapers, listen to radio and watch television and other forms of marketing advertisements, you need to be alert if you are soon to be married. Attending Wedding expos has its advantages because of so many things. I will be discussing what the advantages here are but first let me explain what a wedding expo is. It is an exposure or exposition of anything that corresponds to a wedding, a bride and a groom. Wedding Expos are happening not every day but on a given schedule or event organized by people who focus on the topic of Weddings. Here are the advantages of attending wedding expos:

A Sample Wedding Expo
wedding expo

1.There are lots of great deals or wedding packages offered- Wedding expos are attended by different companies that cater your wedding needs. From caterers to wedding gowns, wedding gifts or tokens and a whole lot more. Wedding expos are a great way of selecting the best offered packages in which you only need to select which one will suit your particular need.
2.Getting Ideas from DIY Weddings- Attending wedding expos will enhance your ideas of a wedding. If you are an adventurous bride-to-be and you are creative, you can get a lot of great finds and ideas that you can adopt on your own wedding. Especially if you wanted to save money and you don’t have much to spend so you can just DIY (do-it-yourself) your invitations, then go visit a wedding expo.
3.Bargaining place for your wedding needs- Every time you visit a booth, you definitely will ask for a brochure, a sampler or leaflet and compare the prices of each wedding services that attended the expo. In this way, you can ask for a bargain price for a particular service or item in which other competitors would be also doing the same thing. Are you good in haggling? You can check the prices of floral arrangements, wedding gifts and favors, invitation cards of participating booths and ask them if they can adjust their price to your budget.
4.Complete Range for your wedding- You don’t need to go from one place or another to settle your wedding gown and then go far to order your cake. In wedding expos, they all feature these things which will match your busy schedule. Some booths offer you all things, from reception, to catering needs to your wedding gowns, cakes, audio and video coverage and even your tokens and gifts for the invited guest. All it takes was just money and the right attitude to ask for a discount if ever you wanted to get all-in-one package. See to it if you’re looking for a caterer, you need to go to their office for a sample tasting. You don’t want to get offended when your guest tells you that the food they ate is not delicious.
5.Future Business- If you are just like me, you can also think that going to expos means expanding your ideas on businesses that blooms. In this way, you get to know the how and what’s in the business. The trend is the most important to consider when it comes to a particular business.  See to it that you have gained something important and you can create something for yourself, not just now, but maybe in your future.

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How to Avoid Wedding Disasters

As far as I can remember, the worst case wedding scenario I have seen was when a couple was not able to provide enough food for their invited guests. We do know that inviting people to attend the wedding is not controlled easily when in terms of culture and tradition. In our country, it is known for an open invitation to all, meaning you invited a person, and that one person will tag along 5 more people to attend the wedding which eventually would make the caterers go crazy because they will ran out of food to offer.
In the province, they are used to give one invitation card which does not mention how many seats are reserved. I think they don’t particularly apply the word reservation and the thing is because they will be feeling guilty or ashamed not to mention how many people is allowed to come. Restriction is not in their menu and no wonder, the ending in the reception was a nightmare.

Wedding Nightmares and Disaster
wedding disaster2

I would not mention whose wedding I came where we were offered plastic spoons and fork and a paper plate with no tables but only chairs to be seated. Everyone was busy minding their own, no wedding coordinator and such to take care of the whole guests. So when I saw this happened, I told myself that it is important that a wedding will be organized and well-coordinated in everything. From the moment you are in the church till you go to the reception or venue. Here are some tips I can suggest for brides to be in order to be hassle free and make their wedding memorable and not disastrous.

Worse case scenario on Weddings
wedding disaster

1.Make sure that when you invite a person, they would reply to your RSVP notice.
2.See to it that you mention in your invitation that they are reserved to table no. (Just assign one) and write clearly how many seats are reserved for them so that they would not be tagging someone along with them.
3.Hire a Wedding Coordinator to organize the wedding for you. Make sure your wedding coordinator or planner is good in PR and you can get along with each other well. You’re the bride, so it is you who control the situation and not your wedding coordinator.
4.Plan ahead of time to get what you needed. From flowers to color motifs that will match your reception and church venue. Assign a particular job or work on your friends and family members to help you with your preparations. Even if some of your ideas are DIY (Do-it-Yourself), it is still best to ask for a helping hand.
5.Save and Budget Money so that you can be relaxed. A good wedding needs an equivalent money even if you don’t want it so expensive and extravagant, planning can make your expenses lesser and you will be happy with the result.
6.Condition and road test the bridal car to be use. If you hire one it will not be that problematic, but if it was your friend’s car or relative’s car, see to it that you communicate with them well and check the cars condition so you don’t have any possible car problem that will hinder you on your big day.
7.Think Positive and smile always. A bride is always special on her wedding day. If your venue is beside a pool, get away from that area as much as possible or be cautious enough. Be always on alert and tell your visitors about the place so that they won’t get into problem. I have seen a lot of times how many guests fall on the pool because it was covered with flowers. Stay away from CLUMSY people.

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Bridal Hair and Makeup

Brides should be looking so grand at their own wedding. It is serious not to be stingy on getting the right HMUA (Hair and Makeup artist) for you. Most of the time, a bride is busy so she needs to relax on her big day and let someone take over her hair and makeup settings.
It is important to consider the time of the wedding for applying makeup. If it is a day wedding, the makeup should not be so heavy, but light and easy for the skin to breathe. If it was an afternoon wedding, it will consider two things, the weather. If it is raining, most HMUA should be applying a water proof makeup for the bride starting from the foundations to eye shadow application and to her lipstick. If it was a sunny and warm weather, then the lightest makeup should be possible to apply and mineral makeups do their magic to this one.
Over the years, Makeup revolution has been improving. From local brands of makeup to international and branded types of makeups, celebrities and the local personalities do find that makeup on this generation is equal. Brush up makeup is the latest trend nowadays. This type of makeup application should be done by your trusted and well skilled Makeup artist. Besides, brides to be have the right for a trial makeup to see what she would look like before the wedding.
Makeup artists make it a point to talk to their clients on what they wanted for their wedding. From colors of skin tone to match the dress or motif, this depends on one’s taste. But prices differ also whenever you wanted some alterations to fit your expectations.

Picture courtesy of

Makeup artists should also be part of the wedding from the church to the venue since they will assist the Brides-to-be on retouching their makeups. Particularly on the lip area where after the reception and there is still more things to do, one good Makeup artist should see that the client will still look perfect and fresh no matter how long the occasion last.
Word of advice for the Brides-to-be, don’t go cheap on your makeup and choose the best Makeup artist for you. By the way, this also includes the Hair stylist that will make magnificent style and touch to your hair. The hair is the glory of a woman so take this seriously too.

Pic courtesy of

Personally, a simply pony tail or braid would not look best for the Bride. Most of the hair styles for wedding are brush up look since some women like to wear Tiaras on their head. If you have a head piece, you should ask your hair stylist what is best to do when you also need to make sure the veil would coordinate well with your head piece. Fashion makes sense but not to overdo it. This is your wedding, not your Blooper day or Halloween occasion. Make sure that you research also about traditional or latest trend on Hair setting for your big day.

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Bridal Car

One of the best things to consider for a bridal car is a classic car. But this depends on the decision of the couple since we do know that Classic Bridal car is much more expensive depending on the model of the car. I have no intensions to worry about bridal cars. As long as I can be comfortable riding it and if it was safe reaching the church or the venue, it will be just fine.
I just can't take off my eyes to such beautiful car since I like to experience the feeling of riding a vintage or classic car. I do fancy riding new cars too. But I guess it will take time for me to adjust and I don’t want to focus myself on thinking again on such occasion since it got me down at the start of this year and I don’t want to frustrate myself again so I won’t expect more since it is hurtful.

Bridal Car

Flowers and some accessories for decorating the car will help improve more the attraction of a car. Is it not appealing for people to look at bridal cars and some even gave way to the street whenever they see a Bridal car? Just do take time to have a test drive for a classic car so that it won’t disappoint you when something happens along the way.
Some bride-to-be consider riding a family van, some wants a motor bike ride. No matter how the taste a bride makes, as long as one can define the character, there will be no problem. Prices for car rent ranges from Php 1,500 pesos and above. I guess you can get it more cheaper if you ask a friend who has a car or a relative of yours who has a car and just give them something in return.

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Dismayed on my Wedding Plan

Year 2011, I thought that I will be the most happiest bride expecting to be married this month of February. But things do happen for a reason and I don't want to think about it more. It wasn't our fault. Hubby and I prepared what we can to keep a simple and private wedding but it was my parents who are sticked to traditional but extravagant wedding which we may never give them since it was not what our budget tells us.

Frustrated and Crying Bride
crying bride

I cannot say anything more about the details on what happened but I will still think of wedding if we can have all the money in the world or maybe we can just have it on our own. I am married 3 years ago and this wedding that we plan was just a renewal of our vows and it will be a special thing for me since I didn't enjoy getting married in Civil rights where we don't even have souvenir pictures since camera is not allowed at that time.
I was really frustrated, very much disappointed and I did not expect the rejection that I have with my own parents. I cannot accept the idea of why they don't allow me to have a very simple and private wedding of my own when in fact, we are the one to shoulder everything. But I just respect them so I just distant myself for that and told my husband that our planned wedding for this year will not happen.
This blog may now be a rant of what I feel right now. I already forgiven them but I am still not happy about what happened since I thought the green signal for a vacation in my own country will also be a prepared wedding for me and hubby. We already prepared our invitations although I haven't delivered it yet since I am not yet in my country. Well, that is life. This year will not be a good start but I won't let it end bad either. I do believe that the sun will also rise and shine with me and I can get back the smile in my face once again. I will just need to busy myself with a lot of things this year and be focused to get my goal.


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