Wedding Favors and Give Aways

I do have a lot in mind to consider when it comes to crafting a design for give aways. But the problem is money and I don't have that much to be extravagant on my selected give aways for guests.

Actually some couple does not mind giving anything to their guests as a souvenir of their own wedding, but some who still has the budget but is also thankful for people might as well opt to select any give aways or favors.

I personally do like to give from Principal Sponsors(PS) to my Secondary Sponsors (SS) down to guests who attended the wedding. But the gifts will vary since I priorities to give more elegant yet simple to my PS and SS and something for my guests to like as they leave the venue of our wedding, they will still remember us.

I do like to give soaps, miniature wine and spirits bottle to simple knick knacks. I also commend on the trend these days like giving away candies and chocolates for the guests as a token of appreciation. The famous M&M's chocolate offers a personalized sample nips for the sweet tooth and young at heart. Maybe you can check their site for a sample and design your own favorite piece.

A sample photo from M&Ms (you can visit their site)
give aways,m&Ms choco nips

I also like to have these simple incense sticks with stand holders but I don't know if it will fit our budget.

Scented Incense Sticks with a stand Holder inside the tulle
scented incense,candlestick

There are also other delightful things for a give-away like scented wooden fan for the brides maid and candy mints in a silver canister but you just need time to locate a store that sells all those crafts for gift giving purposes.

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Wedding Checklist

My Wedding Checklist: It is really important to have your own list to follow up before your big day comes. I do have my own set of list here which I'm sure other B2B's would also mind particularly if they are also the one who run errands and such. I have learned a lot of DIY with my own wedding preparations and the rest is for me to lay here.
cute emoticons
Some abbreviated meanings:

B2B- Bride to Be
G2B- Groom to Be
H2B- Husband to be
W2B- Wife to be
HMUA- Hair and Makeup artist
STD- Save the Date
WP- Wedding Party
OOT- Out of Town
MOH-Maid of Honor
BM- Best Man
IL- In-laws
FIL- Father-in-law
WS- Wedding Supplier

List for my Wedding Preparation
Color Motif-(done)
Caterer- (Not yet)
Cake-(not yet)
Wedding Attire(Gown/Suit)-(done)
Reception/ Venue-(NYR) will follow up within this week
Wedding Invitations-(done)
Table Nos.-(not yet)
Address label- (done)
Flowers-(not yet)
Bridal Car-(under negotiation)
Photography-(under negotiation)
Videography-(under negotiation)
garter toss-(Need to fix)
HMUA (Hair and Makeup)-(done)
Wedding Coordinator-(under negotiation)
Entourage list-(done)
Guests lists-(done)
Music list-(done)

cute emoticons

I have to challenge myself for this week and the next to book and reserve the first important thing before leaping to the next level. I still have 2 more months to prepare and hope to relax a bit before the month of December comes.

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Wedding Cake by Red Ribbon

My Wedding Cake

I am still selecting which one to choose from the following gorgeous cake by Red Ribbon. I am such a fan of this bakeshop because they seem to serve the best cakes in town and their designs are really elegant yet affordable.

If God's will that my list would not balloon to 50+ I would definitely go for any of these cakes that I am going to show you. So far, Red Ribbon is the most affordable cake I can think of for a wedding which is really a shoestring budget. I don't tend to invite a lot of people and friends I know. I am limiting it to closest friends and family only so the cake for us would also be simple and not to grand that looks like Eiffel tower or Leaning tower of Pisa.

Here's my first sample of cake. Good for 48 people and costs only two thousand pesos.
wedding cake2

It is boiled icing that kids would surely love although I still opt to get a fondant cake so that the cake would look steady before we eat it. Here is another sample of the cake we want to select
wedding cake3
It is good for 40 people and costs depends on the flavor since they have chocolate, butter and rhumbutter fondant. Price ranges from Php3,500 to Php 3,700 depends if they have additional fees.

The next cake is Floral Bliss which is good for 40 people and is only chocolate in flavor which is also boiled icing. The cost of this beauty is Php 3,300 only.
wedding cake4
By the way if you are thinking how did i think of selecting such with different colors, as I have told from my previous blog, I opt to get a rainbow color of motif. Our theme wedding is Bright Rainbow color so I would be playing a lot of colors on my wedding.
Here is the 4th selection of cake I have which is called Precious. It does serve 32 people only and yet these selection is the least on my list. It costs only Php 1,750 in chocolate and rhumbutter fondant flavor.

wedding cake5
And last but not the list on my selection is Gumamela. It is in Chocolate and Rhumbutter fondant flavor which is good to serve 56 people and the price ranges from Php 3,800- 4,000 which I can say is still affordable on couples who are also on the same boat just like me.
wedding cake1
I just needed to ask them how early should I reserve since I still got 81 days to go before my wedding. I will be excited to post my pictures here once I get it all done.

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Project: Wedding Invitations Part 3

My DIY Wedding Invitation

This is to continue with the project I am going to finish within next month. I only have a few invites to make since I wanted our wedding to be simple and private so maybe 25 pieces would be enough for me, not unless my mom wants to add more people into my list and that makes me want to expand my work also.

Anyway here is the tools and other materials I have included on my project. Cutting tools that have different designs which I can use for cutting my papers.
my tools

Some wonderful and colorful stickers that can accentuate my motif of a rainbow color. I also do have a colored stamp pad and a sunflower designed stamp to design my invitation card.

stickers for wedding
You can buy these wonderful stickers at Hobby Ideas shop located at Inorbit Mall in Mumbai India. For those who are not from India, I guess you can check out your favorite bookstore and office supply if they have the same or equal material that I have here.

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Project: Wedding Invitations Part 2

My Project on Wedding Invitations

This will be the continuation since I have to post more pics and I don't want to overload the first page so I have it here the materials and tools that I will be using on my project. Please note that I won't be giving yet any measurements on the paper size and such since I will not be cutting my papers yet and start my project till this week. I will just show you the materials and tools that I will be using and i still have to figure out where to buy my nice lace ribbons.

Here is the sample of the materials I have on hand

The papers vary from designs and texture. I do have tracing papers, hand-made papers, thick card boards and the rest of the art paper was like a cartolina in size and texture.
materials selected

I cannot find any double adhesive tape so I go for a glue drops by Fevicol. You can buy this at any arts,crafts and hobby stores in Mumbai but I prefer Hobby Ideas Shop which is located in Inorbit Mall.


More of the papers that I will use on my DIY Wedding Invitation

my materials for invitations

I am totally not done with my work here, so I do hope you can give me time when I will be posting the finish product or the instructions of how I will make my own wedding invitation.

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Project: Wedding Invitations

My project for this week and for the month of December is to finish my DIY Wedding Invitation. Since the Theme for our Wedding will be a Colorful Rainbow, the color motif of our wedding is also consisting of bright and colorful shades which belongs to the prism color or rainbow (ROYGBIV) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

On my first part of the project, I have gathered some materials like hand made papers to tracing papers and hard board papers. It does include a shade of orange gold, royal blue and indigo colors. I still do want a touch or green and yellow and red, but maybe I can add that on the ribbon or lace itself.

So far, I haven't started anything yet, unless I will be able to get my venue done like reserving it first before proceeding to printing out of invitations. I already have an idea of a design but I cannot show a sample here yet so maybe what I can do is just show you the materials that I have gathered here for the preparation of my Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation.

I will also be posting the amount as soon I wrapped it all up on my project. I am already excited to start it with but I still have to wait for 8 to 10 more days before I can go green on my print outs.

My paper board which is Orange Gold in Color
orange gold board paper

Shimmery as you can see, it was kinda thick and rough
shimmery gold orange
I will need more time to finish my lists although I am almost done with my entourage, only brushing off with some words to include on the last page for my wedding invite. I will post here also the papers and tool I have included for my project. Any bright ideas and suggestions on the designs you might want to share with me?

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Dream Day Wedding (The Game)

Dream Day Wedding (Stress-free Game)

Do you want to relax for some time as a busy bride preparing her own wedding? Then this game is for you. Dream Day Wedding is a find-an-item game which tests how sharp your eyes are. It is obviously a wedding theme and you are the wedding planner and you get to select the type of bouquet, dress or gown, accessories,etc for the bride and groom to be.

I like the Dream Day Wedding in Italy. I have also played the one in Vegas but I still hope they do more interactive way for the game. I also like the graphic designs here and the way they made this game that every B2B (Bride-to-Be) should enjoy. It is like I am picturing my own wedding too. You should try this relaxing and exciting game.

Sample Look of the Game they have online (free version)

dream day wedding game

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My Wedding Dress

I have my wedding dress that I have kept for almost 4 years because we got married in a civil rights and now that we are planning to have our church wedding, it is the time that I can now use my never ever used gown.

Civil wedding in India does not require you to wear anything fancy like a wedding gown or so and they are strict because they don't allow picture taking. I was really disappointed and was never happy with that style because there was no souvenir to keep. Although we do not believe that marriages only depends on how a person can lavishly afford a good wedding, we both are happy with what we have and now that God has given us the opportunity to experience being wed in front of our own family and friends, I guest I can say even if I am married for almost four years, I am still excited and expectant of my wedding.

I just do hope that everything will be okay and to save the venue and the caterer that we wanted. Here is the sample dress I have which I just created a drawing courtesy of site, which is choose your own bride. If you are a bride and you don't have any idea yet of what you would like to have, you can practice on this simple Do It yourself dressing up a bride, it is fun and it is easy, just sign up first and the rest is for you to explore.

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Artistic Designs for your wedding photos

I personally like Artistic designs on photos particularly the ones I have created on my slide. It is something that time and effort is needed. It gives you the pleasure of enjoying what you are doing because there are vast designs to choose from.

If you want to create stylish monograms and other stuffs to mix and match for your wedding plans, then I suggest you also try the site because they are fun to have for personal stuffs which you can share with your friends and families online.

Here is the sample stuff I have created as a frame which can be an ideal sample design for your
photo album or photo slide presentation. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

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Onetruemedia for my Save the Date slide

Save the Date (photo slide presentation) using Onetruemedia

I started with a sampler Save the Date photo slide presentation that I made on If you wanted to upgrade on this site, you can avail of more design varieties and settings for your slide. But since I have a lot of things to consider and do, it was not yet my priority to upgrade my membership since that will be good for a month use. I am just thankful for the free offer of and perhaps I can just refer this wonderful site to B2b here who are also preparing for their wonderful wedding.

I did enjoy creating a wonderful video clip which I also posted on my youtube site, but definitely I post it private. If I will have the time to do more projects and editing, I would definitely use as a source for editing a good video with such elegant designs and magnificent innovation making my work easier.

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